48 minutes | Nov 11, 2020

Bringing Business Principles to the Home: Parenting with Intention with Susan Seay, Founder of Mentor for Moms

If you would have met Susan Seay five years ago, you would have met a burnt-out mama who felt “done.” Running a business with her husband plus running a household with 7 children (and homeschooling for 20 years!), you’d wonder if there’s even any way to not be constantly stressed and burnt out. - Well, Susan is here to show you that it’s possible. She started to apply concepts she’d learned in the business world to her home, and everything changed. She found that when you run your household with the same intention and purpose as you would in a business, not only do you not have to be stressed, but you can actually enjoy life and your family with a sense of excitement! - Now, she is a Speaker and Founder of Mentor for Moms, a platform for mentoring moms on how to parent with purpose and intention, utilizing these concepts from running a business and bringing them into the home. - In this episode of the Love Intently podcast, Susan shares with us what it looks like to parent with intention, how Susan implemented business concepts like Core Values into the home, advice for parents during Corona (especially on homeschooling, as someone with 20 years experience!), how she makes sure to establish deep connections with all seven of her kids, how her and her husband stay connected, practicing self care for moms, and more! - For full show notes and resources: https://www.loveintently.com/podcast - Connect with Susan Seay Website: https://susanseay.com/ Podcast: https://susanseay.com/podcasts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/susanlseay/ - Connect with Sophie and Love Intently https://loveintently.com Follow @love.intently on Instagram Follow @sophkwok on Instagram - Spice up your date night! Try Adventure Challenge: http://www.theadventurechallenge.com?aff=174
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