45 minutes | May 18th 2018

Single Black Women & Love

Life and love coach Candace Smith explores why the percentage of single black women in America is so high.  Many experts and popular publications have tackled this tough topic; often focusing the blame on black women without expressing much empathy.  Highly educated black women with an advanced degree are twice as likely to have never been married by the age of 45 as white women with similar education.  Additionally, black men are much more likely to date outside of their race, which creates a smaller dating pool. The stereotype perpetuated is that black women are less approachable and accommodating as well as more guarded and demanding.  Yet, there are so many other factors to take into consideration when discussing the black woman’s love journey in America.  Candace shares with listeners how her upbringing in Dayton, Ohio impacted her definition of love and past relationships.  Although one episode is not enough to fully address such a complex issue, insight and remedies are offered in hopes of inspiring. #LoveByCandace
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