43 minutes | Jun 22nd 2018

SEASON 1 FINALE – Ask Candace

Life and love coach Candace Smith wraps up an extremely successful first season of “Love By Candace” by showing sincere gratitude to her community of listeners and making this episode all about them. In this episode, Candace thoughtfully answers as many listener submitted questions as possible.  How do you handle the unknown in life without becoming overwhelmed & anxious? How long should you wait to date after your partner dies? Should you be understanding of your man having a female best friend?  Candace answers these great questions, along with many more, from her trademark vulnerable & authentic place. Listeners are encouraged to binge-listen to the entire first season while “Love By Candace” goes on summer break.  In addition to working on her highly anticipated book, this summer Candace will be conducting speaking engagements and workshops throughout the United States. She is incredibly appreciative of the continued love and support from her audience and is looking forward to meeting as many as possible in person. Thank you for an amazing season one!  Doing the work requires consistency and discipline which is why it’s important to revisit past episodes over the summer.  Please share with friends, family & co-workers, practice your 15-Minute Love By Candace sessions with your partner and send in any topics you want highlighted next season to: www.candacesmith.com/podcasts   #LoveByCandace
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