44 minutes | Apr 27th 2018

Eating Healthy w/ Special Guest Miss USA Susie Castillo

Life and love coach Candace Smith invites back special guest Miss USA Susie Castillo to discuss healthy eating habits.   This dynamic duo met at Miss USA and became close friends while living in Los Angeles.  They share a lot in common including a passion for healthy living.  Both Susie and Candace grew up in middle class families with many unhealthy eating habits.  As adults they both embarked on a journey of knowledge to create healthier diets.  Susie has been vegan but is currently vegetarian.  While Candace eats everything except mayonnaise in moderation. Where ever you land on the “healthy food” spectrum, this episode is for you.  Candace and Susie offer simple, daily tips you can implement into your diet immediately.  They also share what you should be avoiding as well.  Candace believes that the mental, spiritual and physical are connected and contribute to an overall healthy and happy life; which allows you to be the best partner possible. #LoveByCandace
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