47 minutes | May 25th 2018

Communication in Love

Life and love coach Candace Smith explores the way in which communication styles of men and women tend to differ.  Many times during emotional life scenarios women simply want to vent while men feel the need to “fix” it.  It is crucial in communications with partners, friends, family and colleagues we exhibit more empathy; truly understanding another’s perspective without judging it.  Candace stresses the significance of sharing specifically what you want and need versus being passive aggressive which leads to resentment.  We must love ourselves enough to speak up without expecting others to be mind readers.  Candace reminds us that most of what others say and do is a projection of what is happening in their life and should not be taken personally.  We must be mindful in even the brief and limited interactions in our daily lives to communicate with respect and love. #LoveByCandace
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