38 minutes | Apr 20th 2018

Behind the Beauty w/ Sports Illustrated Model Genevieve Morton

Life and love coach Candace Smith invites special guest and dear friend Genevieve Morton to share her journey.  Born and raised in South Africa, Genevieve overcame much in her life to make her dream of being a Sports Illustrated model come true.  Her path was much more difficult than many models but she never gave up.  Upon arriving in Los Angles to continue pursuing her dreams, she quickly realized the fight was not over. Being a beautiful and sexy model has it’s advantages, but it also brings many challenges.  Most stereotype without ever even taking the time to discover Genevieve is authentic, highly intelligent, witty & loving. Let’s go behind the beauty.   Follow Genevieve on social media at: @genevievemorton. #LoveByCandace
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