114 minutes | Jan 4, 2021

The Digimon Wonderswan Games Explained!

It's our 350th podcast episode! - May, Quinn, and Stevie recap and discuss the Digimon Wonderswan games that follow the story of Ryo and Millenniumon as well as discuss other dimensional jumping beings in the Digimon franchise and other bits of fun Digimon facts, lore, and trivia!
MillenniumonXRyo in the Digimon Wonderswan Saga...still a better love story than Twilight!
Segments:Intro: 0.00.00-0.01.11Wonderswan Recap: 0.01.12-0.58.31DigiLore, DigiTrivia, DigiFacts, Digiscussion: 0.58.30-1.50.52Outro: 1.50.53-1.53.59

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