96 minutes | Feb 8, 2021

Digimon Adventure 2020: Thirty Five - A Little Bit of Trauma's All I Need

The episode title is a Mambo No. Five reference, by the way.In this week's episode of Digimon Adventure: Physics Optional, we have trauma, musical interludes, girls that have characters, miasma=capitalism and more!LinkdumpRedditSegmentsIntro: 0.00.00-0.00.32Synopsis: 0.00.33-0.46.22Discussion: 0.46.23-1.25.29Outro: 1.25.30-1.35.54Check out our website for information about the show!Check out our Redbubble!Thank you to our supporters on Patreon; Joe, Steven Reeves (WildWing64 on Archive of Our Own), Kaida Washi, Chisai (Who you can follow on Twitter at chisai236), Kyle, Lizmet (Elecmon on tumblr), Nicholas, MetalMamemon, Sam, Anthony, Keith (From 'Gon x Will x Hunting: A Hunter x Hunter Rewatch Podcast'), SilverHairedFreak25, Magnus, Lucas, Blindman, Jaephus, and Patrick!Become a Patreon supporter for as little as a dollar per month and we’ll love you forever!You can also donate to the production of this podcast using PayPal here or Ko-Fi here.Our Gmail is: LostinTranslationmon@Gmail.com| Apple Podcasts | Facebook | Google Podcasts | Instagram | PlayerFM | PodBean | Soundcloud | Spotify | Stitcher | Tumblr | Twitter | Whooshka | With the Will | YouTube |
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