62 minutes | Jan 24, 2018

LAT #20 – StarChuck’s Lament

Lamentations Everyone! This week, StarChuck inducts Planet Earth into it’s Hall of Failures! Dolby knows what you are watching via… breathing patterns?!? We also learn that P.A.W.S. A.I. is out to save Mother Earth’s creatures, by targeting Poachers! Ever wonder how much time you have left? Well, an AI might have a better idea than your current doctor… On a positive note, Lord Jack fights to bring down MattCast by defeating him in the Stranger Than Fiction arena! This and so much more on this week’s Lose A Turn Podcast! (NSFW) Audio: This Episode’s related links: Poacher hunting AI AI predicts death for better end of life care Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheal Visit Clock Town This episode’s Super-failure Hall Of Fame Inductee: “Planet Earth” Theme music provided by No More Kings ( Thanks to Pete and Neil ) Offense provided by Chuck, Lord Jack, and Matt.
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