61 minutes | Feb 20, 2019

Episode 331: Lydia Polgreen

Lydia Polgreen, former foreign correspondent and director of NYT Global at The New York Times, is the editor in chief of HuffPost. “Like a lot of people, I think I went a little bit crazy after Donald Trump got elected. ... If Hillary Clinton had won the election, I have a feeling that I would still be a mid-level manager at The New York Times. But after the election, I really started to think about journalism, about my role in it, about who journalism was serving and who it was for, and I just became really enamored with this idea that you could create a news organization that was less about people who are left out of the political and economic power equations, but actually for them.” Thanks to MailChimp and Pitt Writers for sponsoring this week's episode. @lpolgreen Polgreen on Longform [1:00] "Layoffs Underway at HuffPost a Day After Parent Company Verizon Announced Cuts" (Tom Kludt • CNN • Jan 2019) [7:45] Polgreen's New York Times archive [8:30] Marty Baron on Twitter [13:30] Roseveill Area Middle School [23:15] Washington Monthly [27:00] "Correcting the Record Times Reporter Who Resigned Leaves Long Trail of Deception" (New York Times • May 2003) [28:30] "A Racial Acceptance That Resonates" (New York Times • Dec 2013) [29:00] "200 Years After Napoleon, Haiti Finds Little to Celebrate" (New York Times • Jan 2004) [33:30] "Covering Sudan and Darfur's Plight" (NPR • May 2006) [35:30] "Money and Violence Hobble Democracy in Nigeria" (New York Times • Nov 2006) [45:30] "Lydia Polgreen on Leaving to Lead Huffington Post: ‘Hardest Decision I’ve Ever Made’" (New York Times • Dec 2016) [53:00] "Layoffs Hit HuffPost After $4.6 Billion Verizon Media Write-Down" (Andy Campbell • HuffPost • Jan 2019) [55:30] "Mic Shuts Down, a Victim of Management Hubris and Facebook’s Pivot to Video" (Mathew Ingram • CJR • Dec 2018) [56:00] "Founder’s Big Idea to Revive BuzzFeed’s Fortunes? A Merger With Rivals" (Edmund Lee • New York Times • Nov 2018)

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