16 minutes | May 20, 2019

Locs and Life with Aaron Miz Olette Vol. 1 Ep. 4

Aaron Miz Olette goes Live on Facebook at the same time as she records this podcast.  Discusses the 365 day challenge and how she was charged to start going Live every day.  Aaron talks about the Little Loc Book and her inspiration to write it.  Also discusses 6 Amazing Natural Hair Recipes and 22 Best Products to Use on your locs.  She still loves the Collagen Beauty Booster and drinks it everyday!  In the relationship segment, she discusses how the Narcissist Never Loved Me or Anyone.  Aaron goes into detail about how a Narcissist can future fake you into believing a "Happily Ever After," then they leave without a trace.  She discovered the narc cheating with her own eyes. Follow @mizolette on Instagram.  
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