76 minutes | Jul 27, 2020

#29 Where do you turn, When you got no place to go?

On this episode of the podcast we have Young Adult Pastor Luis Calderon and Youth Pastor David Cordero join is and share their testimonies about who they were before accepting God into their lives. They share the message they aspire to instill in the congregation... and that message is LOVE. We all know the thought of attending church almost feels like a burden... specially when we feel we aren't up to church standards. What I took away from having Luis and David is that they are working on trying to break those barriers and stereotypes most of us have about church.  I hope you enjoy the conversation. Instagram info is at the bottom IF you haven't followed us yet you can find us  instagram.com/lockerroombo twitter.com/lockerroombo instagram.com/zion.ya https://youtu.be/6helqja_0k0
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