42 minutes | Feb 9, 2021

More Than the Game: Black Women in Sports Media w/ Erica Ayala & Candace Cooper

Welcome to Locked On Presents: More Than the Game. February is Black History Month and the Locked On Podcast Network is honoring the challenges and success of all Black people in sports. This is part one of a weekly series of interviews, conversations, and roundtables covering opportunity, activism, protest, and Black history in sports. Today, Erica Ayala (Locked On Women's Basketball) and Candace Cooper (Locked On Tar Heels) come together to discuss the experiences, opportunities (or lack thereof), and power of Black women in sports. Erica and Candace cover a wide range of subjects, from the issues of opportunity, access and gatekeeping in sports media, to the importance of industry sisterhood and representation that goes well beyond mere quotas, to how their each carved out their own niches in the industry, and what needs to happen to ensure constructive space is created and held for Black women in sports media going forward. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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