24 minutes | Dec 2nd 2020

Making It A No Brainer

Today we are talking all about making your business a no brainer for your clients or customers. People will pay a premium when you are able to give them something that they desire or options that they never knew about and if you're able to save them money in the long run, even better. Join us as we dive into the questions you need to ask yourself, how to polish your message, why your who matters, and the importance of knowing you're not going to appeal to everyone.We will be doing a lot more episodes on side hustles, quitting your job, entrepreneurship mindset plus a ton more and we really appreciate having you with us on this journey. If there is a topic you would like to hear more about please email us at Team@locationindie.com.In This Episode:02:40 Being A No Brainer Business05:00 What Is The Alternative Reality?06:55 Making your Business An Even Bigger No Brainer08:35 It Won't Appeal To Everyone12:30 Why The Processes Matter15:05 Getting Out Of Your Own Head18:00 Pricing Is Not The Only Way To Make It A No Brainer21:30 The Big TakeawayImportant LinksLocation IndieFREE Side Hustle Success Guide
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