25 minutes | Dec 29th 2020

Deviled Eggs and Side Hustles

Is the thought of finding your passion overwhelming you? Has it stopped you from moving forward in starting your side hustle?After reading a great article called "Not Every Hobby Is A Side Hustle" by Ann Friedman we are diving into the idea of whether doing what you're passionate about makes for the best side hustle, do you have to be passionate about your side hustle at all, and why being passionate about the results something gives you may enough. What is your side hustle idea? Do you feel passionate about it or are you more passionate about the results it will give you? Please email us at Team@locationindie.com and let us know! In This Episode:02:15 Lessons From A Deviled Egg04:30 Does Your Side Hustle Have To Be Something Your Passionate About?11:15 Getting Into An Industry That Your Hobby or Interest Lies In14:45 Passion As A Whole Or Only A Piece17:20 The Danger Of The Word Passion19:13 You Can Be Passionate About The Results & Not The Thing Quotes:"If you are passionate about something, does it have to become a side hustle? The answer is no. You should and can take sacred things that you do in life and say I am never going to turn this into a business." [14:47]"Maybe it is healthier to not look at the overall business as something you have to be passionate about." [16:01]"That is the danger of the word passion to me when it relates to entrepreneurship and starting side hustles is that people will say 'Do I have to be passionate about something to start a side hustle around it?' and it's hard to give a yes or no answer because passion isn't something that is always a yes or no thing." [17:23]"So if you're sitting there and your saying, 'I don't know if I am passionate about this?'. Does it spur your interest a little bit? Is it something that you think would be fun? And if so, then you might go down that path to start seeing if it is something you're passionate about with the caveat that if you don't end up crazy passionate about it, that is also okay." [18:47]"You don't always have to be crazy passionate about the thing that you're doing. You can be passionate about the results that you are going to achieve because of that." [19:13] Important LinksGrab Your Spot in the Side Hustle Success Challenge Not Everything is a Side Hustle - TheCut.comLocation Indie  
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