26 minutes | Feb 2nd 2021

Closing Time

What does time freedom mean to you? Why is it so valuable for you? We are taking a hard look at time freedom and what that looks and feels like to us. We talk about the pitfalls of entrepreneurs' guilt, how to decide what needs to get done first, and the simple but powerful tip of closing your calendar.What resonated with you the most in this episode? Are you going to close your calendar?  Please email us at Team@locationindie.com and let us know! In This Episode:03:10 Feeling Guilty About Time Spent04:30 Entrepreneur's Guilt & Too Much To Do06:35 Simple But Powerful Tip: Closing Your Calendar12:00 Planning Gives You More Freedom...It Wheely Does18:40 The Other Side Of The Coin Debate21:35 Knowing Yourself Is Key - 100% All In Important LinksLocation Indie 
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