36 minutes | Jun 4, 2020

What Is Revenue Generating Marking? With Dan Marx & Jamar Jones

You are going to have some fun with this episode. The interview starts off with laughter. Then we dig deep into what you need to do to make sure your marketing machine doesn't stop working for your business.EnjoyDan & Jamar's key takeaways:Video vs Text vs ImagesWhere do I start as a new business?Have at least a few ducks in a rowInstagram Facebook Stories?Never stop the marketing machineLipstick on a pig??? You will need to contact Dan Marx for more details.Connect with Dan & JamarRelatable MarketingLinkedInDan Marx20yrs supply chain business development, marketing strategy & execution.CEO of ReShift - A Sales & Marketing Strategy, Alignment, Process improvement and Execution firm.Co-Founder Relatable Marketing - A one stop marketing firm for all your marketing needs with the core of what we do: Revenue generating marketing.Local First Podcast is brought to you by:EXACTA CorpEXACTA Corporate Organizer CRM&More brings order to chaos in your business by helping you Plan |Execute | Analyze and Close more business. 
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