20 minutes | Jan 5, 2021

One Stop Site For All Your Family Fun with Erin Guenterberg

Lake Country Family Fun has it all for your family. If you are looking for fun activities to do any time of the year with your family look no further.Erin and I have a conversation on what it takes to take over a new business and her passion for the local community and local businesses.Erin's key takeaways:Get a business mentor soonerConnect with local businessesIt's never too late to start a businessMeet Erin GuenterbergBorn and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin, Erin Guenterberg is the owner and manager of Lake Country Family Fun (LCFF, LLC), an online resource for all things family fun. She went from being a new mom and active follower, to sales manager, to owner in 2016. Since taking over, Erin has grown a team of women and created a community both on and offline, connecting families to their community through their website and local events, Hartland Kids Day.From a social work background, Erin and her team saw a need for community for online creatives, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to learn and grow together on the local level, and in 2019 Lake Country Currents was born, bringing over 50 budding and established entrepreneurs together.In her free time, you'll find Erin and her family spending most of their free time in the summer enjoying lake activities and all that this area has to offer - boating, swimming, and paddleboarding; and as long as there is snow on the ground, they will be found sledding and snowmobiling throughout the winter.Connect with Erin Guenterberg and Lake Country Family FunExpert Fun Finder Owner Lake Country Family FunFounder Lake Country CurrentsWebsite | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | PinterestNever miss an episode Subscribe and share with one other person.Would you like to be a guest on Local First Podcast?Get started by going to ScheduleMyPodcast.comListen to all the episodes randomly at LocalFirstRadio.streamProduce by Local First Podcast Production ServicesThis episode is brought to you by:EXACTA CorporationFamily Organizer PlusThe first app designed for the ultimate social network. The Family. 
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