20 minutes | Jul 12, 2017

Fran Theory Mini Ep. #7 - Futurama + The Simpsons = Illuminati

The Eye of Horus. The Pyramid. Bender’s shiny metal ass. All these things are powerful Illuminati symbols, designed to brainwash the masses and bring us sheeple peacefully into servitude. Don’t believe us? Well we got the RECEIPTS buddy!! In this mini episode, Katelyn explores the Illuminati symbolism within Matt Groening’s beloved animated shows. Are Homer and Leela and Fry and Lisa really pawns of the New World Order? Or are internet weirdos just looking for reasons to rewatch the greatest shows ever made. This whole dang episode was sponsored by Loot Crate. How cute! Go to LootCrate.com/Lizard and enter our code LIZARD to save on your box of excellent goodies. This month has Rick and Morty, do it do it do it!!!

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