66 minutes | May 6, 2020

Biology Of The Brain- Your "Gut" Controls Your Health- Kent MacLeod Explains

Kent MacLeod's “Biology Of The Brain- How Your Gut Microbiome Affects Your Brain” is officially on the market. Kent, the founder and CEO of Nutrichem Compounding Pharmacy and Clinic is an international thought leader and award-winning pharmacist. He has over 35 years of clinical experience delivering patient-centered health care and is globally recognized as a hormone health and nutrition expert. He lectures on the guts microbiome, hormones, mental health, Down Syndrome, pediatrics, pain management, as well as pharmacology.  In The Biology of the Brain, Kent breaks down why modern medicine is killing people instead of healing them. Instead of leaving the problem as it stands, he provides clear, actionable steps to not only heal your microbiome, but to restore your brain health and get your life back. And we aren’t talking about a bloated stomach or stomach pains, the microbiome affects every single aspect of our health (from disease, to chronic inflammation and obesity)  and especially our mental health (from depression to anxiety, stress management, and sleep disorders. For more information on the book click here.  All Disease Starts In The Gut- that’s quote from Hippocrates-the father of medicine…and this is where we are going today…See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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