36 minutes | Aug 10, 2020

Careers and Rights Amid Pandemic

Careers and Rights Amid Pandemic In the blink of an eye, COVID-19 swept the world and disrupted the way we interact, communicate, conduct business and live. The world has experienced an enormous economic impact, forcing several companies to make difficult decisions regarding staff reductions and salaries, and in some cases closing businesses entirely. For cancer patients and survivors, staying safe and healthy throughout a global pandemic, while worrying about the financial impact that comes with the loss of income, can be overwhelming. Experts Joanna Morales of Triage Cancer and Rachel Becker of Cancer and Careers, discuss what cancer patients should know regarding insurance, laws that can help aid patients during this difficult time, returning to work during COVID-19, and resources to help navigate it all. This episode was a special Facebook Live event recorded for the Living with Lymphoma Podcast.  Helpful Resources: LRF Helpline (800-500-9976; helpline@lymphoma.org) Lymphoma Support Network Financial Support Resources for Financial Assistance Fact Sheet COVID-19 Learning Center Cancer and Careers Triage Cancer 
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