49 minutes | Sep 16, 2020

CAR-T Cell Therapy and Other Novel Therapies for Lymphoma

CAR-T Cell Therapy and Other Novel Therapies for Lymphoma In 2015, Robyn Stacy-Humphrie's diffuse large B-Cell lymphoma (DLBCL) relapsed and she was faced with a tough decision - to follow the standard of care and receive a stem cell transplant, or opt for a new treatment called CAR-T cell therapy which at the time, was still in the clinical trial phase. Living with Lymphoma host, Victor Gonzalez, sat down with Robyn to discuss her decision to enter a clinical trial and receive CAR T and what her experience was receiving this cutting-edge therapy. They were joined by LRF Scientific Advisory Board member, Andrew M. Evens, DO, MSc, FACP (Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey) who explained CAR-T cell therapy and its use for the treatment of certain types of lymphoma, as well as other novel therapies being used to treat relapsed/refractory DBCL. This episode was a special video event recorded for LRF's YouTube channel.  Helpful Resources: LRF Helpline (800-500-9976; helpline@lymphoma.org) CAR-T Cell Therapy Learning Center Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Learning Center CAR-T Cell Therapy for Lymphoma Fact Sheet Biologic and Novel Therapies in Lymphoma Fact Sheet
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