34 minutes | Feb 25, 2020

A Clinical Trial Saved My Life

A Clinical Trial Saved My Life Clinical Trials are important to helping advance research and provide access to the most cutting edge treatment options. Rich Zavadowski felt a clinical trial was his best chance of survival when he was diagnosed with Stage IV peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL) - a rare subtype of lymphoma with no standard of care. Living with Lymphoma host, Izumi Nakano, sat down with Rich to discuss his decision to enter a clinical trial. She was also joined by LRF Scientific Advisory Board member, Kieron Dunleavy, MD (George Washington Cancer Center), one of the doctors who worked on the clinical trial that ultimately saved Rich's life. Helpful Resources: LRF Helpline (800-500-9976; helpline@lymphoma.org) Lymphoma Support Network Understanding Clinical Trials Fact Sheet Mindfulness Webinar Resources for Financial Assistance Fact Sheet
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