27 minutes | Sep 30th 2020

Episode 195 - The Gathering Storm

The convergence of so many crises in the world can seem like gathering storms all headed to make landfall just as the shadows grow deeper, as the current election draws near, as we move into the dark time of the year.


No wonder psychologists increasingly worry about our mental health, as the collective psyche has experienced one devastating blow after another. By now, everyone's assumptions and expectations of the future are shattered. And increasingly the question becomes: how do we find refuge from the ever greater, gathering storms that threaten to engulf us all.


At times like this, everyone needs a healing image or saving grace, a safe haven or refuge from the storm. Turning to ancient myths, Michael Meade finds an old story that reveals forms of inner wisdom that can be awakened when the outer world becomes overwhelming.


It turns out that there is a little gap in time that is more than just the calm at the center of a storm. Rather, it is a still point in time through which life renews itself, at the level of the cosmos, at the level of the turning of seasons, and surprisingly at the level of the heart and soul of each living person.


You can join Michael Meade for his new 3-part series “Inner Wisdom: Finding Healing in a Divided World” beginning on Friday, October 9th.  Register and learn more at mosaicvoices.org/events


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