53 minutes | Nov 2, 2020

The uphill & inspirational road to recovery from COVID-19 with Paula Dale #11

It’s undeniable that the Coronavirus has changed all of our lives, from the small changes to our weekly shop all the way to our jobs and livelihoods. However, there is nobody that it affects more so than those who find themselves fighting the virus itself, like one of my extraordinary clients, Paula Dale.In episode 11 of Living Life Well, Paula shares her poignant story of dealing with COVID-19, from her lengthy stay in ICU to re-learning the most basic tasks and skills. We cover some of the dangers and misconceptions, the unexpected effects on hair and skin, and why it’s important now more than ever to put everybody’s safety first.This episode of Living Life Well covers:The dangers of CovidExperiencing A&E and ICUThe unexpected side-effects of Covid on hair and skinLengthy home recoveryMentally coping with the PTSD of CovidRaising awareness for the dangersRe-evaluating the important things in lifeLinks and references at: https://simonethomaswellness.com/podcast/
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