61 minutes | Oct 5, 2020

Improving your self-care through natural & organic treatments with Founder of Made For Life Organics, Amanda Winwood #9

With an intimate knowledge of all things organic and the positive lasting impact that natural ingredients have on us, Amanda Winwood is the perfect person to have set up her own organic, sustainable skincare business. As the Founder of Made for Life Organics (and ‘Queen of Hugs’), she encourages us all to lead a better life for ourselves and the world around us.Amanda joins Simone Thomas for a deep and often-emotional discussion which uncovers some of her inspirations, the need to reintroduce our bodies to natural and organic treatments, and the current lack of these treatments for people battling cancer. We also learn how Amanda’s mum has left a lasting impression and some words to truly live by.This episode of Living Life Well covers:Reconnecting with natureThe relationship between touch and smellTherapy and treatment for cancer patientsAmanda’s 3 pillars of health and wellnessImportance of switching offFinding contentment rather than transient happiness
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