49 minutes | Oct 19, 2020

Championing change in the female health industry with Founder of Daye, organic and CBD tampon products, Valentina Milanova #10

When it comes to female reproductive health we need to get the conversation going! Someone who is at the forefront of championing research and development in the world of periods and breaking the stigma surrounding them is Valentina Milanova, Founder of organic and CBD tampon products, Daye. With her products rooted in science and inspired by female intuition, Valentina regularly campaigns for changes to the UK education system and against monopolies created in a market saturated with plastics and petrol-derived fibres. We delve into what sets Daye apart as well as advice on keeping your own “lady garden” healthy. This episode of Living Life Well covers:Removing the stigma around talking about female healthToxic shock syndromePCOS and endometriosis diagnosisThe benefits of probiotics over antibioticsLack of regulatory standards for tamponsRaising awareness for consent and sexual violenceLinks and references at: https://simonethomaswellness.com/podcast/
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