49 minutes | Jul 20, 2020

Building the body and mindset of a champion with Commonwealth Boxing sensation, Chris Billam-Smith #2

Chris has a passion and drive to constantly improve himself, both physically and mentally. With his latest fight just around the corner, we chat all about how he maintained motivation during lockdown away from training camp and how he gets ready for the ring. Otherwise known as “The Gentleman”, Chris openly chats about his career path into becoming a champion boxer, the support system of relationships he has around him and his ambition to become a role model for the younger generation and leave his own legacy in the world of sport. This episode covers:Mindset and mentalitySelf-care Strength in relationshipsNutrition & hydration before competingLeaving a legacy and becoming a role modelLearn more at https://simonethomaswellness.com/ and reach out on instagram https://www.instagram.com/simonethomaswellness/
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