76 minutes | Aug 13, 2019

Jack Ferver is Half Girl Half Boy

Jack and I talk about alienation in the queer community, his refusal of categorical thought, accessing pleasure through humor and navigating life as a trauma survivor with an acuity of mind, with an intention to stay present, embrace his psychic inclinations, meditate and engage in therapy. Jack Ferver is a New York based writer, choreographer, and director. His genre defying performances, which have been called “so extreme that they sometimes look and feel like exorcisms” (The New Yorker), explore the seams between fantasy and reality, character and self, humor and horror. The critically acclaimed artist has been presented throughout New York City, most recently at New York Live Arts, as well as domestically and internationally. Ferver is a recipient of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant. He teaches at Bard College. As an actor, he has appeared in numerous films and television series. More information at: jackferver.org and @jackferver Mentioned in this Podcast: Dance and Stuff https://www.danceandstuff.com/ Justin Vivian Bond https://www.justinvivianbond.com/ Karen Finley https://books.google.com/books/about/A_Different_Kind_of_Intimacy.html?id=CdRqQgAACAAJ Fellowship:   https://www.nypl.org/press/press-release/june-27-2019/new-york-public-library-performing-arts-announces-2019-dance LITQB Podcast This is a podcast about the barriers to embodiment and how our collective body stories can bring us back to ourselves. This is a podcast for people who identify as queer or for people who might think of their relationship between their body and confining social narratives as queer. This can feel like an isolating experience.  Our wounded bodies need spaces to talk about struggles with nourishment/disordered eating, body image issues, dysphoria, racism, heterosexism, transphobia, xenophobia, substance use/abuse, chronic pain/disability, body changes in parenthood, intergenerational trauma, the medical/wellness/therapy industrial complex and its lack of inclusion of queer bodies and much more. Hopefully this podcast (support) can illustrate the connections, and resonant pain points, that we have with one another.  The Host Asher Pandjiris Psychotherapist/ Podcaster/ Group Facilitator Virtual Workshop: Navigating Relational Boundaries AUGUST 22nd  7-8:30pm EST DM or email to register Join the LITQB TOGETHER community (post-podcast talkback sessions) https://www.patreon.com/livinginthisqueerbody The Podcast Livinginthisqueerbody.com @livinginthisqueerbody Music: Ethan Philbrick and Helen Messineo-Pandjiris Audio Production: ganym3d3.com and https://talkbox.studio/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/asher-pandjiris/message
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