59 minutes | Sep 28th 2020

Episode 6: You Were Made to Shine with Allison Allen

What does it mean to really live in the light?  How do I step into the light God has for me? What happens when I don’t feel seen? Broadway Performer, Author, Speaker, Bible Teacher, and Graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Allison Allen, answers these questions today and you don’t want to miss it! Listen in as Allison tells her story of falling in love with storytelling as she fell in love with Christ.  She shares how the theatre has been a huge part of her journey getting to know the Ultimate Storyteller- Jesus, and how finding Him led to truly finding herself. Be encouraged that our greatest weaknesses are the places where He shines His light best! Click here for Allison’s books! Subscribe to my newsletter for show notes, scripture from the show, and some fun updates each week!
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