50 minutes | Aug 26, 2018

377 - Phillip Andrew - Courage Cast - Faith, Encouragement, and Motivation for Today

Original Post with: https://www.buzzsprout.com/57179/782067-377-phillip-andrew-the-difference-between-serving-and-pleasing Courage Cast - Faith, Encouragement, and Motivation for Today 377 - Phillip Andrew - how to develop resilience, stand with integrity, develop strong friendships and have a fun and fulfilling life all at the same time. Like many children, Phillip Andrew grew up feeling anxiety over insecurities and the uncertainties of life. That anxiety led him to abuse alcohol beginning in his pre-teens first getting drunk at the age of 11. When he was 14, his mother was diagnosed with cancer, and during his Sophomore year of High School, exactly 1 week before his 16th birthday, she passed away. That was the fuel being poured on an already burning fire. Today, at 33, living in California, Phillip talks with students about his adventures traveling the world, dealing with the death of a parent, overcoming addiction, and how learning to take ownership over his life and use his hardships as a catalyst for positive change helped him to create a very full life. Hear his story in much greater detail on today's episode of The Courage Cast. Learn more about Phillip Andrew at PhillipAndrew.co
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