27 minutes | Jun 27, 2020

When Disappointment Happens

I know we all would like for our journey with our spouse to be filled with nothing but good times and wonderful memories.  But if we are going to be realistic, life is filled with ups and downs and every now and then we will encounter trials and tribulations in this journey that will lead us into a place of disappointment.  The question is not if you will face disappointment but how will you deal with it when it shows up in your life and impacts your marriage.  In today’s episode entitled “When Disappointment Happens” we are going to share with you a process that you and your spouse can walk through together when one of you or both of you come face to face with disappointment that has the potential to impact your marriage.  How do you identify the root cause of the disappointment and how do you overcome it, learn from it, and continue to grow together as a couple.  
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