93 minutes | Apr 15, 2020

Episode 75: Oslo, NOR - 6/29/14

Happy 75th "official" episode to us as we continue to embark on our Around The World journey in the Scandinavian territory covering the Oslo, Norway show from 2014. While this show has many ups as well as a few downs, its widely known for being the first ever show that the super rare Lost Dog track Strangest Tribe made an appearance at a show. With the Lost Dogs album being out for 10 years prior to this show, there were only a few songs that the band has held out on playing from the double disc. While songs like Undone, Hold On and on one occasion Hitchhiker have been brought to the table, Strangest Tribe was seen as one that would never be touched even though it was incredibly popular with the fanbase. We'll talk about how big of a shock it was to hear that it was played, and having seen the other version of it, Randy will compare it to the Fenway performance. That wasn't the only rarely heard song you got from this show. The band powered through a stretch of uncommon songs in the middle of the main set such as My Father's Son, In Hiding, Sad, Light Years and Garden and then would power through the encore with songs like Satan's Bed, Leash and a rare rendition of Rolling Stones cover Waiting On A Friend. We'll also get you uptodate on news happening in the Pearl Jam universe as we'll discuss the postponement of the 2020 European Tour, the 2017 and 2018 Christmas Singles, and a few highlights from Mike and Stone's Reddit AMA that we were lucky enough to get a question answered from. This week on Patreon we'll have a brand new episode breaking down the live evolution of In My Tree. If you love the song and want to hear us discuss the live history of it, head on over to Patreon.com/liveon4legs to subscribe and check it out! Pledge tiers are at $1 and $5 per month, but all tiers get access to exclusive episodes such as this and many more song evolution, Bridge School and Setlist Draft shows!
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