81 minutes | Mar 25, 2020

Episode 72: Krakow, POL - 7/3/18

What's a better way to enjoy your time social distancing than reliving some of Pearl Jam's best shows in their history? This one we don't have to go back too far as we'll only travel back to 2018 to cover the Krakow, Poland show - another episode in our Around The World series. We picked this show because they'll be heading back to Krakow this summer, barring more postponements, and it's another chance to talk about a smaller city/country that Pearl Jam brings their a-game to. From opening with Of The Girl to busting out uncommon favorites from the Riot Act era, the band was having fun while taking their chances on this very memorable night. But there is no argument that the most important thing that came out of this night was a rare appearance of the Lost Dog track Other Side. Only having appeared two other times at the 2010 Bridge School and Worcester in 2013, this song came as a complete surprise in this set list. Especially in the very early part of the set. This will obviously be one of the only times we get to talk about the song so we do our best to figure out why the band might not bust it out as much as the fans may want them to. Big things happening over on our Patreon this week, we continue our Bridge School series with Night 2 from the 1994 shows. That will be released on Thursday. Head over to patreon.com/liveon4legs to subscribe for this and more exclusive episodes!
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