90 minutes | Mar 11, 2020

Episode 70: Budapest, HUN 11/17/96

Coming off the heels of a major tour announcement where the band will be postponing the first leg of their Gigaton tour, we use the mantra "the show must go on" and use this time to continue to reminisce over the history of Pearl Jam. Since this episode was recorded prior to the announcement, there is no discussion of the news in this episode. If you'd like to hear our take on the situation, please check out our 2020 Tour Postponement episode. For now we go back Around The World to this year's first stop in Europe discussing Budapest, Hungary from 1996. This is their only show in the country to date, but if all goes as planned they'll be making their long awaited return this summer. This was a nice little No Code era show that might get lost in the shuffle. The most notable moment from this show is likely the live debut of Lost Dog Black, Red Yellow. We talk a lot about the No Code era during this tour and whether the band might've thought they were losing steam with their fanbase due to the record's poor reputation at the time. But the band took it with stride and were still able to utilize the new songs in unique ways live. The show has fantastic versions of No Code tracks Who You Are and Habit as well as great performances of Daughter and Immortality. Joining us for this episode is Branden Palomo from the Better Band Podcast. If you want to be a guest on his show, reach out to him via social media on Facebook or Twitter. And if you want to support the show, head to our Patreon at http://patreon.com/liveon4legs if you contribute, you'll get access to all of our exclusive shows include our Evolution and Bridge School series episodes.
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