95 minutes | Feb 26, 2020

Episode 68: Nagoya, JP - 3/6/03

This week we travel back around the world to look into one of the shows from the 2003 Japan tour. This being an early show from the Riot Act era, the band was still getting a feel for how the new songs worked on the live stage. Joining us for this episode is patron Eddie Quintana to talk about his passion for the album and the era. Nagoya is a unique show, but one that doesn't get brought up enough in the pantheon of Pearl Jam performances. It took place in a small college theater holding only a few thousand in attendance, and while Eddie had to use a translator to connect with the crowd, the usual songs with sing-along sections such as Better Man and Daughter lacked their usual punch. It's interesting to witness this as we break down how the call and response in the hit songs fell by the wayside in some of these Japanese shows. Another thing that made this show different centers around a lengthy, jammy improv in the middle of the set without Eddie's presence followed up by a completely different take on Immortality. The jammy songs were certainly in the forefront as we'll discuss a tremendous rendition of You Are that fit the mold of this set. Other Riot Act era songs that we don't get to discuss often such as Love Boat Captain, Get Right and the LO4L debut of Bu$hleaguer will get major focus as well. We have a lot of stuff going on this month, including our merch sale for the upcoming tour as well as meetups in St. Louis and Nashville! To help out the show as we try and put this good stuff together for you all, head to patreon.com/liveon4legs and become a part of our team. It only costs $1 a month to get access to all of the episodes, or if you'd like to join our $5 tier you'll be able to join an episode to talk about your favorite show!
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