83 minutes | Jan 29, 2020

Episode 64: Sydney, AUS Night 3 - 3/12/98

This week we continue our Around The World series with a show from the Yield tour down under in Sydney, Australia! Thanks to our Patron Paul Mereniuk for requesting this episode, you'll hear his concert story during the show! 1998 was an interesting time for the band, they were finally out of the limelight of mainstream music and seemed to be genuinely enjoying their time performing. They took the stage this night wearing wigs saying there was a 5 for 1 deal and they got their hair done at the same place Elton John did. It showed the band was able to relax, make fun of themselves and show the crowd they were there to have a good time as well. We also see Ed get into some personal stories, something he wasn't doing often in years prior. But while there was a lot of good going on with the band at the time, this was also a trying time that saw the end of drummer Jack Irons tenure. The Australian tour would be his last as he was having trouble sleeping and prone to constant panic attacks due to his bipolar disorder not being treated properly. This is one of a small handful of shows where we get to hear Jack play Yield songs such as Faithfull and Given To Fly that add his very unique style and presence brought to the album. For today's episode, we are taking donations through our Facebook page to go towards helping the Australian wildfires. If you can pitch in a little bit to help out, we'll send you a couple of free Australian show boots as a thank you! Don't forgot to head on over to Patreon for more content! Subscribe to the show and you'll get exclusive episodes as well as an opportunity to pick your favorite show for us to cover in the podcast!
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