86 minutes | Jan 8, 2020

Episode 61: Auckland, NZ Night 2 - 3/25/95

It's time to travel Around The World! This episode is the first installment of our year-long series where we'll tackle Pearl Jam shows from all different countries across the globe. We kick it off in New Zealand where the band was riding high on their red hot Vitalogy South Pacific Tour. This was the final appearance in a 20-show stretch that reached from Japan to The Philippines, down to Australia and finally New Zealand. The band had already been through a ton of difficulty on this tour as the crowds were unruly any place they touched down. They were also filming a documentary at the time that never saw the light of day, but it's something you can now find on YouTube if you dig for it. The biggest takeaway from this show (that doesn't have the finest quality of bootleg) is that Pearl Jam mania is arguably at its peak and the band making an appearance in a country that other bands usually ignore speaks to how high in demand they were at the time. They rocked all of the Vitalogy songs that were released 3 months earlier including ripping versions of Spin The Black Circle and Not For You and got some love at the end of the set performing with NZ band The Split Enz featuring Neil and Tim Finn. Renditions of History Never Repeats and I Got You were major highlights from this performance. This week we'll be releasing an exclusive episode to Patreon where John and Randy will attempt to create a setlist only out of songs from Ten. If you'd like to check out that plus more exclusive episodes (including any song from our Evolution series and Bridge School 1992) head on over to Patreon.com/liveon4legs to contribute. $1 a month gives you access to everything and also gives you a chance to select your favorite show for us to cover on the pod in the future!
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