96 minutes | Nov 13, 2019

Episode 55: London, UK Night 2 - 7/17/18

In the summer of 2018 we witnessed a possible turning point in the band when a second show in London was canceled due to Eddie having a busted throat. This would lead to a rescheduled date that ended the European tour with tons of great moments to make up for the cancellation. LO4L Patreon donor Aurelien was there that night and joins the show to discuss his experience. A lot of what we discuss in this episode is how the situation in London possibly has something to do with how quiet the band has been in 2019. Was Ed losing his voice so much of a concern that they halted album recordings in order for him to save himself for solo shows? We'll also talk about Can't Deny Me and whether after almost 2 years if it should even be placed on a new album let alone in a prominent spot on it. Aside from that, the show had a lot of big moments in the set that you don't usually get. Oceans and Nothing As It Seems as openers, Mankind, Satan's Bed, Fatal and a whopping 4 Riot Act songs that were played! Not stuff you get from a normal performance. It also has a wonderful dedication to friend of the podcast Andrea Oakes whom the band played I Won't Back Down for. If you are a listener of this show, love it and want more content, head on over to our Patreon page for more exclusive episodes including episodes in our Evolution series. For your contribution to the show, you not only get exclusive episodes, but also a chance to join the podcast and talk about your favorite show!
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