105 minutes | Aug 28, 2019

Episode 45: Glasgow, UK - 6/3/00

We've been teasing it all week and now it's finally time for the big news! We're extremely excited that we've uncovered one of the very many mysteries of Pearl Jam's lore and can't wait to share the news with all of you! Right off the top of the show Randy and John will address the news, but stay tuned to our social media all day today to view some awesome photos that we have a hold of. Oh right! We have an episode to talk about as well! And it's a good one folks. We're happy to have on Colin Rodger and Martin Higgins, who have put together this year's PJ Con - a show featuring tribute band Lost Dogs in Glasgow, Scotland where all of the benefits go toward supporting Diabetes UK. Head to http://eventbrite.co.uk to purchase tickets and head to http://justgiving.com/fundraising/pjcon2019 to donate to their amazing cause. So Pearl Jam has only been to Scotland twice, the last time being 19 years ago. Colin and Marty spend this episode reliving their only hometown show and the memories of being in the crowd, feeling the energy of the show and coming back with a little mud on their faces. High points include Sometimes, Present Tense and Given To Fly , but there's also a glaring omission in this show that Randy takes issue with. Want to help support the show? Head on over to http://patreon.com/liveon4legs and donate as low as one dollar to receive bonus exclusive content, new episodes and get a chance to come on the show and talk about your favorite Pearl Jam show!
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