200 minutes | May 24, 2019

Episode 36: Philadelphia, PA - 10/3/05

This week we tackle Philadelphia 2005, but Matt had to take the week off to learn some disco music so we introduce you to our guest co-host this week Pete Griesbach from the Pearl Jam tribute band Last Exit. Pete attended this show back in 2005 and we'll hear a story in this episode about how he avoided the dreaded Philly parking lot porta potties. This show is a tale of three very different sets. There is the first set - a tight and fast paced killer run with the high point featuring the "man trilogy". Then the first encore takes on the role of the campfire set featuring four performances that were incredibly rare for the time period. And then there is encore two... a mish mosh of collective songs played without a distinct flow with far too many stops in-between songs for that late in the set. Although there's a lot going on here, the most memorable moment of the night belongs to the ghost of Crazy Mary who was so disturbed during this performance that one of the amps busted mid-song. It was a crazy moment that led to the band putting together one of the strongest performances of the song in their history. An incredible collaboration from Mike and Boom brought the song back to life after nearly averting disaster. For those of you who wish to subscribe to our Patreon, head on over to Patreon.com/liveon4legs for the chance to join us on an episode to talk about your favorite Pearl Jam performance of all-time!
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