138 minutes | Mar 22, 2019

Episode 28: West Palm Beach, FL - Night 1 - 8/9/00

We head back to the 2000 Binaural tour for this episode to cover the first of two nights of a stay at West Palm Beach. To help us cover this show is Florida native and fellow Pearl Jam podcaster Jessi Zilka who hosts over at The Porch Podcast. This is the first time we cover Oceans on a non-Patreon episode, so you guys finally get to hear why Matt has such a distaste for the song. It's been and will always be a hot button topic on this show and we're sure that we'll get our fair share of hate mail for it. Two out of three people on this episode enjoy the opener, so that should hold people off for now. Outside of Oceans, this show is a lot more straightforward and positive than other shows we've touched on lately and that's mainly because it's just an all out great rock n roll spectacle. Mostly everything is played well, not a lot of argument for set placement or variety. Nothing As It Seems was one of the standouts on this show where you could really feel the energy translate from the stage to the crowd. For all of you who want more exclusive episodes, head on over to our Patreon account at patreon.com/liveon4legs to donate and receive access to both New Year's Eve 92 and VH1 Storytellers episodes, with more new exclusive episodes to follow. For donating $1 to our account, we'll give you a shout out on the show and a chance to come on an episode and talk about your favorite live performance. $5 donations will get a free bootleg of any show we've covered and $10 donations will get you a free t-shirt. Can't find a better deal! If there's a show you want to see us talk about, hit us up at liveon4legspodcast@gmail.com
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