198 minutes | Jan 25, 2019

Episode 20: Ottawa, CA - 9/16/05

This episode is the first time we dig into the Canadian tour of 2005 - the first time the band did a full tour leg specifically in the country. Patreon donor Patrick Boegel joins us to discuss his experience being in attendance this night in Ottawa. One of the things that Patrick talks about often is that the band was really in a good place during this time period. Riot Act was two years past and while they were beginning to focus on a new album that ended up being Avocado, they didn't let that get in the way of what many say is one of their top tours in the history. What made this show special right off the bat was the first introduction of Don't Gimme No Lip into the live catalog. The band was also joined on stage by the opening act Sleater-Kinney during their second encore to perform Harvest Moon, Leaving Here and Rockin' In The Free World. Along with those two major talking points, we'll get into how the band structured the beginning of their set as well as how they were able to make four straight hits at the end of the set work so well. Oh, and there's also the roads in Canada that Eddie brought up... Or is there only one road in Canada? If you'd like to sign up for exclusive content and help out the show, sign up to our Patreon account. We'll not only be releasing monthly episodes for Patrons but we give you the opportunity to join and episode and share your favorite show with us. Just search Live On 4 Legs over on Patreon to become a part of our team! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more exclusive content! @liveon4legspodcast
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