94 minutes | Feb 24, 2021

Episode 118: Columbia, SC - 06/16/08

2008 is an under the radar tour year for Pearl Jam as the Avocado era was nearing it's end. They went out on a 13-show east coast run where songs that they either hadn't played in years or never played at all starting popping up in setlists. Fan favorite tracks like W.M.A. and Who You Are mixed in with Lost Dogs such as Sad, Education and All Night all found playing time during this tour. This show in Columbia, SC that we cover in this episode is a microcosm of that year. A big thank you goes out to our Patron Michael Keating for requesting this show! The craziest thing about this setlist is how incredibly balanced it was. No Code has the same amount of representation as Ten and Vs., Riot Act has more songs played than Yield and Vitalogy and there are Lost Dogs galore. The band took this opportunity of not having to promote an album as a platform to celebrate their entire discog and the fans reaped the benefits. This is definitely a stat heavy show and we'll get into some of the gritty statistical details that may make this show feel amongst the rarest of the bunch Want to contribute to the show? Sign up to be a Patron! $5 and $10 a month will get you your very own episode request just like we'll hear in this one! http://patreon.com/liveon4legs
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