39 minutes | Jan 8th 2021

Chip Conley: Wisdom, curiosity and the modern elder

As we push the boundaries of human longevity and our expectations for lifespan, mid-life is going to be different.  Our healthy, vibrant decades are being extended. The goal of enjoying more fulfilling years, free of diseases and physical decline is becoming a reality. The trajectory of our lives is changing.  Chip Conley is a veteran executive in the hospitality industry, formerly Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy with Airbnb and a prolific writer.  He's also the founder of the Modern Elder Academy, a self-styled school for midlife wisdom and the author of Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder. In this conversation with Peter Bowes, Chip shares his vision of older people as wise, curious and indispensable members of society. He recalls the impact of a near-death experience, the way his life went through a transformation in his 50s and the art of lifelong learning.     

Recorded: December 29, 2020 | Read a transcript and show notes at the LLAMA podcast website.

Photo credit: Lisa Keating

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Topics covered in this interview include:

  • Chip's life-defining brush with death and experience of going to the "other side" during a medical  emergency. 
  • Doing business as a "hospitality disrupter," as one of the first boutique hoteliers and later with Airbnb.
  • Creating the Modern Elder Academy (MEA), mid-life wisdom school.
  • What is long-life learning? 
  • The unexpected pleasures of aging.
  • Focussing on "great longevity" and a spiritual diet. 
  • Upgrading the human operating system - moving from reverence to relevance as a "modern elder." 
  • Launching the MEA - a regenerative community - a 21st century version of a retirement community. 
  • Taking the less traveling path in life.  
  • Having regrets or no regrets in life?  
  • Metabolizing and cultivating wisdom from life's experiences.
  • Acknowledging and challenging "new year resistances" fears and old habits.  
  • Role models for a living a very long life.  
  • Embracing curiosity as tool to live a long life. 

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