58 minutes | Dec 11th 2016

LL021 - Heroic Fatherhood with Charlie King

In the 21st episode of the Live Limitless podcast, I chat with Charlie King of heroicfatherhood.com. Charlie has just two goals; Supporting fathers to become the man they've always wanted to be and to create a generation of kids that are raised by fathers that they deserve. Charlie is the founder of Heroic Fatherhood, a platform where he supports entrepreneur fathers master fatherhood. Through individual coaching and workshops, he helps to create structures, insights, and to provide support to handle all the shifts that fatherhood brings. As Charlie mentions in his site, "Fellow Heroic Fathers generate resilience, self-confidence, flexibility, and openness. Holding your family securely but loosely allows freedom, confidence, and partnership." I met Charlie through the World Domination Summit and as someone who is thinking of starting a family soon, I wanted to reach out and ask some questions. As someone who isn't living a conventional life, I have so many concerns about becoming a father. What sort of education should I give to my kids? Should I homeschool them? Is putting them into pre-school at a young age good for their health and/or our family relationship? I have so many questions and I bet you do as well. If you're a father or thinking of becoming one, this is a great podcast to listen to. You can learn more about Charlie at http://heroicfatherhood.com In this episode, we talk about: What fatherhood is all about, The complications of raising children in today's world, Raising children in the digital age, Homeschooling and other types of education, What heroic fatherhood is all about, The problem with trying to do everything yourself, The importance of community, And MUCH more... Listen below or download from iTunes by clicking here. (Please note: If you're reading this from email, you may need to visit the site to listen) ** If you're running short on time; 01:45: Charlie explains what Heroic Fatherhood is all about, 07:30: We discuss schooling and the crazy amounts of information overload, 14:00: We discuss whether raising kids now is more complicated or not, 17:00: We discuss the added complications of raising children in a world of entrepreneurship, 19:30: We talk about raising children in the digital world, 24:45: We discuss homeschooling and the important of clubs/organizations, 29:45: We talk about why kids quickly rub off the sharp edges of their parents, 30:40: We go more in-depth into what heroic fatherhood is, 33:25: We discuss the issue of trying to do everything yourself, 35:00: We talk about the fact that suicide is becoming the leading cause of preventable death, 40:30: We talk about the importance of community, 42:45: We talk about the importance of undivided time and attention, 45:00: Recommended resources when becoming a father. *** Did you enjoy this interview with Charlie King? Please leave a review on iTunes and share with your friends. This would mean the world to me. If you have a question for either of us, leave a message in the comments at LiveLimitless.net and we'll get back to you. -Matt
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