73 minutes | Dec 31st 2016

LL 022: Self-Publishing and Living in Castles with Derek Murphy

In the 22nd episode of the Live Limitless podcast, I chat with Derek Murphy of creativeindie.com. Derek Murphy Creative Indie I met Derek in a Facebook group for Kindle authors after he volunteered to create a cool marketing image of my book Limitless Travel. Derek is a philosophy major turned book designer and writer with a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. He launched CreativeIndie.com to help authors and artists turn their passions into full-time businesses. Derek is also a digital nomad who often lives and writes in the locations of his fictional stories. As we recorded this podcast, he was staying in a castle. Although Derek teaches writers how to build profitable businesses from their work, he also writes and publishes young adult novels at UrbanEpics.com. Derek also has a goal of buying a castle in the future to host writing workshops of his own. If you're writing a book, thinking of writing a book, debating whether to self-publish or not, or looking for ways to market your book or online project, this is a GREAT podcast for you! You can learn more about Derek at CreativeIndie.com. In this episode, we talk about: How to become a writer, How to self-publish a book, How to blend writing with entrepreneurship, How to launch a book or online business, The average cost of launching a self-published book, How to build a platform, Recommendations for writing your first book, How to live in castles, And MUCH more... If you're running short on time; 01:40: We talk about Derek's work as a writer and designer, 03:10: Derek's audience for book cover design, 04:20: We talk about children's books and writing in the self-publishing world, 08:00: We talk about Derek's path to author / entrepreneur, 11:45: Has Derek always been a writer?, 15:50: Why Derek almost always recommends self-publishing, 17:20: We talk about Harry Potter, 19:40: We talk about The Martian, 23:25: We talk about boundaries in creativity, 24:00: We discuss methods and ideas for building a platform, 27:00: We talk about tips for book marketing, 30:35: We discuss ebook / Kindle pricing strategies, 31:00: Derek's process for writing a book, 36:55: More book marketing tips, 40:00: What you'll spend on average for launching a book, 45:50: Why incentivized reviews are risky and why reviews are so important, 50:00: After the exclusivity with KDP, is it recommended to branch out to other platforms, 52:15: Recommendations for writing your first book, 56:00: Recommendations on formatting, 1:00:00: We talk about Derek living in the locations of his fictional stories as well as his goals of buying a castle, 1:05:00: Favourite books, etc... *** Did you enjoy this interview with Derek Murphy? Please leave a review on iTunes and share with your friends. This would mean the world to me. If you have a question for either of us, leave a message in the comments and we'll get back to you. Visit for the show notes: LiveLimitless.net -Matt
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