72 minutes | Nov 7th 2016

#17: Family Freedom Through Freelancing with Brad Hussey

Please leave a review on iTunes if you like the show!   In the 17th episode of the Live Limitless podcast I chat with Brad Hussey of Bradhussey.ca. I met Brad at a bookstore after he reached out to me for Canadian travel hacking advice. Actually, Brad is the guy that helped design CanadianFreeFlyers.com. Brad has taken his coding skills to a new level, creating an online business teaching others how to code and how to start a freelance business. He does all of this while maintaining a family (his wife and two kids) and living in Canada. Besides being an all-around great guy, what Brad has accomplished is quite impressive. Over 200,000 students have taken Brad's Udemy courses and he has established himself as an authority in his field. You can find him at Bradhussey.ca.   In this episode, we talk about: What inspired Brad to take the freelancer route How Brad got started Why you shouldn't quit your day job until you've replaced it How modesty can change your life and why kids aren't as expensive as you may think How Brad met one of his idols while singing karaoke Advice for freelancers looking for their first win How to maintain a positive outlook on life despite setbacks And MUCH more...   If you're running short on time; (6:60): What inspired Brad to take the "Freelance route" (10:55): How Brad got started as a freelancer (13:77): Why you shouldn't give up your day job (19:45): We talk about kids, modesty, and how kids aren't as expensive as people thing (26:65): How Brad met Pat Flynn while singing karaoke (37:20): How Brad makes a living (41:55): Brad's new freelancer course (49:00): Advice for a freelancer trying to get their first win (55:30): How Brad maintains a positive attitude and manages his time in an often "lonely profession" (61:15): Brad's schedule (63:35): Brad's role models (66:40): Book/Blog/Podcast Recommendations
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