75 minutes | Mar 13, 2021

#6 –The Fighting Polyamorous Team (Twilight: Eclipse pt. 2)

WHAT'S UP STINKY PEOPLE!!! Your overly supportive friends are back and they are finally going to finish talking about the second half of Twilight: Eclipse! Hooray! Gary and Charlie finally learn what the heck is so darn weird about this movie and also how Jasper loves the confederacy! So quirky! Lesbian dive kicks ensure, Bella gets delivered like an italiano pizza pie!!! A lot of things happen!! Don't get cold feet ;-) dive right into episode 6 of the pod now!! Please consider directly supporting the Quileute Tribe's efforts to move their their at-risk community to safer, higher ground so that their culture and heritage may thrive and survive! Donate at: www.mthg.org Follow us @TwiHardPod on Twitter! We talk about Twilight there. Jameson (he/she/they) - @kindfable Gary (he/they) - @sukurimi Charlie (they/them) - @cisgenderman Michael (he/him) - @yachtrockboy
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