91 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

#5 –Doggie Tribe vs The Cool Guys (Twilight: Eclipse pt. 1)

Y'all aren't gonna believe this but it turns out they made ANOTHER Twilight movie???? This one is called "Eclipse" and we decided that we should probably watch this one too. Your hosts discuss how significantly more shit Jacob sucks in this movie, Michael's Favorite Mommy gets a special new segment, Jameson keeps talking like a cowboy (like Jasper??) and Charlie does ASMR mouth sound crimes. PLEASE ENJOY OUR FIFTH EPISODE!!!! Please consider directly supporting the Quileute Tribe's efforts to move their their at-risk community to safer, higher ground so that their culture and heritage may thrive and survive! Donate at: www.mthg.org Follow us @TwiHardPod on Twitter! We talk about Twilight there! Jameson (he/she/they) - @kindfable Gary (he/they) - @sukurimi Charlie (they/them) - @cisgenderman Michael (he/him) - @yachtrockboy We would love for you to DM us on Twitter and give us some questions to answer for our next listener mail segment!
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